About Us

Invincible Motion Pictures is a division of the Invincible Group handling its media and entertainment business, across content and distribution platforms.
Invincible activities span creative development, production, marketing, distribution, licensing and worldwide syndication of short and feature films in Indian territories.
The creative impulse at Invincible is driven by the need to work on ideas that are dynamic and socially and environmentally responsible.

Team Invincible

Team Invincible helps in creative Input, Conceptualization, Scripting, Location Management, Filming and Editing, Story-boarding, Motion Graphics Creation, Subtitling and Transcription, Voice-over Recording, Talent Management, Music Sourcing and Editing for your commercial, film or TV production.

Our creative team combines industry experience with talent and passion to ensure the end result is a creative masterpiece. Focusing on making your message as engaging as possible. Our video production skill-set doesn’t end at filming and editing a few film clips. We have the expertise to market and distribute films at all possible platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar or in Theaters.

Ajay Setia
Founder and CEO
Sagar Setia
Marketing and Distribution
Project Director
Jasbir Gora
for DOP

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